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Entry #2

Utter Shock.

2015-08-18 03:36:29 by JossBoss

I can't believe that I started this account only a couple of days ago and I have already been officially scouted!!! HUUUUUUGE shoutout to Comick ) for scouting me! I am so excited to be a part of the Art Portal and share and get feedback from everyone! AHHHHH So excited!

But in all seriousness, I am extremely grateful for the recognition and support.

Thanks to any and all who continue to support me from this point on!!!

JossBoss OUT!


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2015-08-19 08:48:36

She's a great gal, glad she found you and your work! Still waiting on her to send out her Kickstarter stuffs... Welcome to Newgrounds! Somehow, this place is a community of sorts. And like any hood, the only way to get noticed outside the Art portal, is to talk to others in the BBS, review (honestly) some of the submissions you see here, maybe take part in a collab, likely found in the Art forum. Click around, check the Wiki under Community drop down menu. Click around, a lot of new functionality's been added to the site.

Also, you might like this: for goofing around.